Rosacea News September 2013 (6)

Treating Redness with Crolom (cromolyn sodium ophthalmic solution, 4%)

A trial by a Dr. Di Nardo using mice has found that cromolyn sodium ophthalmic solution 4% is able to reduce skin redness. This small trial, which will be double blinded seeks to see whether the effect can be replicated in humans. A total of 10 patients will be given either the saline vehicle or […]

How much do Rosacea Prescriptions Really Cost?

You don’t have to read the online rosacea forums for very long to see the outrage at how much rosacea sufferers, especially in the US, pay for Rosacea Prescriptions. If you want to try Metrogel 1%, Oracea or Finacea what might you expect to pay? The answer is actually not straight forward. A lot will […]

Will I have a Bad Reaction to Mirvaso?

Now that Mirvaso has been officially approved by the FDA, the final clinical trial results quoted to the FDA have become available. The Mirvaso Prescribing Information contains some statistics relating to the number and type of adverse reactions that occurred during the clinical trials. So if you are prescribed Mirvaso, what are your chances that […]


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