Rosacea News July 2013

1. Bionect improves Rosacea Symptoms

A recent paper in the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology suggests that Bionect may be helpful for the symptoms of rosacea. The study found that after 4 weeks the burning or stinging and dryness of rosacea was much improved, while papules and redness were also improved. What is Bionect? Bionect is a prescription only cream, […]

2. Sansrosa looks to be marketed as Mirvaso

Thanks to a post from Barbara, we have learnt that a member of a German support forum for rosacea, that Galderma may be planning to market Sansrosa as Mirvaso. It is pretty brief but here is what we know so far. Re: New form of therapy! by Mary »Wednesday 27 July 2013, 08:56 Hello, I […]

3. SIG990 Gains IND Status for Rosacea Redness and Lesions

Previously known as Signum Biosciences, Signum Dermalogix has announced today that the FDA has granted them IND Status for the Isoprenylcysteine Analog known as SIG990. Investigational New Drug status means that the FDA believes that the molecule is safe enough to commence clinical trials. This means that SIG990 is moving into Phase I of is […]

4. Promiseb now available as Scalp Wash

The nonsteroidal prescription Promiseb is now available as a Scalp Wash. Available only as part of `Promiseb Complete’, Promiseb Plus Scalp Wash is said to have “earned favorable ratings from patients for Helping with the appearance of dandruff and scalp redness” What is Promiseb? Promiseb Cream is a FDA-cleared medical device and has no active […]


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