Rosacea News February 2013

Oracea launches as Apprilon in Canada

A press release today from Galderma confirms that they will be marketing the product known in the US as Oracea under the name Apprilon in Canada. First of its kind rosacea therapy now available in Canada Two million Canadians suffer from this chronic inflammatory skin disease; March is Rosacea Awareness Month THORNHILL, ON, Feb. 27, […]

Large Rosacea Foam Study Wants US Participants

A large clinical study is looking for rosacea sufferers with the papules and pustules of rosacea. The study, called Rosetta, is looking for up to 960 participants for 40 locations across the US. The study will require up to 6 visits over 16 – 17 weeks. Study Publicity Following is the official promotional text for […]

Sansrosa Phase 3 Trials in Russia and Sweden

A new Phase 3 Efficacy and Safety study of Sansrosa  (CD07805/47 Topical Gel) has been listed by Galderma. These trials are to confirm the safety and performance of CD7805/47 in treating the redness of rosacea. The trial will assess the effectiveness of Sansrosa after 29 days and also on how the patient sees the benefit […]

Omiganan CLS001 Dose Finding Trials

A just-listed clinical trial shows that Cutanea Life Sciences are trialling Omiganan CLS001 to find the best dose when treating the papules and pustules of rosacea. The 240 trialists will be assessed over 12 weeks to see if there is a reduction in lesions. Patients with at least rosacea lesions are to included in the […]

Milk Thistle (Silibinin) Protects Against Skin Cancer

Whilst not exactly new news, some research is confirming that an extract found in Milk Thistle, Silibinin will kill skin cells that have been affected by UVA radiation and also protect against UVB radiation. Rosacea sufferers might know of Silibinin as an active component of Silymarin. Silymarin is an ingredient in the modest rosacea treatment […]


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