Rosacea News September 2012

Scenesse Shows Promise for Acne

Scenesse has been tested as a treatment for acne, and the results are looking good. Before you get too excited, though, lets get all the disclaimers out of the way right up front … Clinuvel, the developers of Scenesse are not currently pursuing Scenesse as a treatment for acne The study presented was very small, …

All You Ever Wanted to Know About Demodex Mites

If you search for demodex using Google’s Scholar search, you will find over 8,000 papers that mention them.

Further if you search for demodex and rosacea you will get nearly 2,000 results. So there has been plenty of research into the topic.

Whilst a clear causal link between the …

The National Rosacea Society is 20 Years Old

A recent blog posting from the NRS has mentioned that this month the National Rosacea Society is 20 years old. NRS Celebrates 20 Years Thursday, September 6, 2012 …

DT: Sansrosa 0.5% Better than 0.18% Twice a Day

Dermatology Times today has an article that confirms some insights into the recent Phase II study into the safety and efficacy of different strengths of the Sansrosa Gel. The article adds some personal insights into the trial from the principal investigator, Dr. Joseph Fowler MD. This is not the most recent news as Rosacea News highlighted some of these Phase II results back in …

Redless Specific Serum from Integral Dermo Correction

A just published paper eludes to a new redness reducing cosmeceutical. The product is referred to as 100RXED2025, but it looks likely that the …


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