Rosacea News January 2012

1. IPL Burns from Perth Home Operator

An article in this Weekend’s West Australian highlighting the dangers of IPL Treatments from untrained operators. This article is a reminder of the dangers of IPL in the wrong hands. Other warnings are, sadly, easy to find. Finding the right practitioner to treat you with IPL is not an easy task. This is a real dilemma for rosacea sufferers as we …

2. Taro Readying for Generic Metrogel 1%

A recently posted clinical trial suggests that Taro Pharmaceuticals is readying to gain approval to market Generic Metrogel 1%. Currently Generic Metrogel is only available in 0.75% strength. Taro Pharmaceuticals in fact already markets a generic form of Metrogel – Metronidazole Gel USP, 0.75% When the patent covering Metrogel 0.75% expired, Galderma changed the formulation, increased the concentration of metronidazole to 1% …

3. Patents Expire for Liptor and Zyprexa, Oracea Small Fry

While us in the rosacea world might consider products that are expensive while they are covered by exclusive patents, we are small fry in the drug market at large.

Patents are due to shortly expire for Pfizer’s Liptor and Lilly’s Zyprexa. Lilly can expect a $3bn drop in revenue just from generic forms  of Zyprexa becoming available. Pfizer is thought to have earned around $7.8bn from …

4. Metrogel 1% Pump; for those who don’t like a Tube?

Galderma have announced that Metrogel 1% will now be available in a 55gm Pump. Galderma are citing the benefits of a better looking dispenser, minimizing waste, easier compliance with prescribing instructions and “facilitating product handling”. Galderma received FDA …

5. 2011, The Year in Review

Happy New Year to everyone who reads Rosacea Support ! As we start 2012 lets look briefly at what was popular in the last year. …


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