Rosacea News February 2012

1. Treating Neurogenic Rosacea with ETS

Now that the collection of symptoms called Neurogenic Rosacea has become more widely known, new discussions can take place as, for example how to best treat it.

This recently published abstract details a patient who suffered debilitating facial redness and burning. The patient was treated with the invasive and possibly irreversible procedure Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy. The patient had a good response to ETS.

2. Cyclosporin better than Artificial Tears for Ocular Rosacea

Skin and Allergy News has an article today highlighting the recent positive research into the usage of Cyclosporin as a treatment for Ocular Rosacea.

Dr. Harper mentions that she likes to include Oracea as an oral treatment for the worst of her ocular rosacea patients, but …

3. Get ready for Tinted Finacea

A recently surfaced patent assigned to Intendis suggests that we might soon see a Tinted Finacea reach the market.

According to the patent application, a tinted formulation of Finacea had improved anti-inflammatory effects compared to regular Finacea – “Surprisingly, it was found that there was a further marked reduction in cytokine release in the cultures treated with azelaic acid and titanium dioxide-coated potassium aluminium silicate 3%”.

4. Doxycycline can deactivate Cathelicidins

A recently published abstract from the house of Gallo suggests a clue as to how doxycycline might work in treating rosacea. The suggestion from this research is that doxycycline has a newly discovered mechanism of action whereby it is able to prevent the activation of cathelicidin.

Cathelicidin has been in the rosacea news since around 2002, gaining publicity because of the discoveries like the fact …

5. Maruho Acquires Cutanea Life Sciences

News this week that the Japanese company Maruho is to acquire Pennsylvania based Cutanea Life Sciences. Cutanea Life Sciences is developing Omiganan as a treatment for rosacea.
Maruho Co., Ltd. Acquires Cutanea Life Sciences, Inc.

6. Massive Rosacea Study (CD5024) Recruiting Underway

A large study looking at a treatment for the papules and pustules of rosacea is looking to recruit participants right across the US and Canada.

A web site just for this study has been created at (Papulo – Pustular – Rosacea Study). On the site you can use your ZIP code to see if there is a study location close to you.


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