Rosacea News October 2011

Better late than never …

1. Demodex Infestation: the Missing Link ?

Firmly in the pure speculation category is a recent paper that proposes that pityriasis folliculorum (or demodex mite infestation) is the missing link in our understanding of rosacea. Plainly put, Dr. Forton, a dermatologist from Belgium, suggests that rosacea is a …

2. NRS highlights Neurologic form of Rosacea

The NRS Blog today mentions the recent publications that raise a possible new Subset of Rosacea. Even though this is just a passing reference, it is good to see that the NRS …

3. Elorac Patenting Oral Niacinamide + Oral Azelaic Acid (Finacea)

An unusual patent has surfaced that is suggesting the oral use of azelaic acid. Azelaic Acid is better known as the active ingredient in the topical finacea. This patent suggests an oral treatment that combines niacinamide with azelaic acid. The owner of the patent, Elorac is known from their recent trials of Carbamide Peroxide as a rosacea treatment. Finacea has received some …

4. Sansrosa not Susceptible to Tolerance or Rebound

Some news today from the Phase 2B Sansrosa Trials;

Galderma is now confirming that during the 8 week trial, participants did not suffer from tachyphylaxis or rebound.

This means that if you stop and start sanrosa or continue to use it for an extended period you likely won’t suffer from a rebound effect or from a reduced effectiveness.

This is some good news as it indicates the formulation …

5. Merck Trialling Laropiprant for the Redness of Rosacea

A product from Merck designated as MK-0524, also known as Laropiprant, is to be trialled as a treatment for the redness of rosacea. This is great news for rosacea …

6. Get ready for MetroFoam

A recently updated patent application by Galderma shows that they want to reserve the right to create a Metronidazole Foam product.

Galderma has a long history with topical metronidazole products, starting with Metrogel 0.75%, then adding Metrolotion and Metrocream, and when the patent on the 0.7% Metrogel expired, Galderma created Metrogel 1%.

Past research seems to suggest that it matters little whether you use Metrogel, Metrolotion, …

7. Niacin Flushes More when we are Worried About What Others Think

Continuing his research in facial flushing and anxiety, Dr. Peter Drummond from Murdoch University has published  some new research on social anxiety and facial flushing.

The trial found that Niacin, which is known to induce a facial flush, actually causes more flushing in people that worry about what others think of them.

By blinding participants to whether they were given Niacin or placebo, and measuring facial blood …

8. Powell: Randomized Clinical Trials are not the whole story

Writing in the British Journal of Dermatology, the well known Rosacea Researcher Professor Frank Powell says that research based on randomized clinical trials are not the be-all and end-all for rosacea research. He tells us that there is still room for other sorts of innovation, especially when seeking treatments from your dermatologist. Recently a Cochrane review of 58 clinical trials told us that …

9. Obagi Rosaclear may be better than Metrogel 0.75% + Standard Skincare

Another published abstract that appears to be building the case for the Rosaclear Integrated Rosacea Treatment from Obagi. Although the article …

10. News Shorts: Internet Anxiety, Food Hospital

Some quick links to items from around the web. 1. Internet Searching leads to greater anxiety for melanoma sufferers Of course everyone is now using the internet to read up on everything health related. You may be headed for some unnecessary anxiety though, so be careful. Internet Use and Anxiety in People with Melanoma and Nonmelanoma Skin Cancer …


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