Rosacea News September 2011

1. Sanofi-Pasteur to make an Acne Vaccine

A vaccine for acne ? Well it appears that one may actually become a reality. A recent article in the New Scientists explains how targeting a protein called CAMP can …

2. Galderma wanting to show Oracea Maintains Rosacea Remission

A recently posted proposed Clinical Trial has me thinking that Galderma wants to be able to market Oracea as a product to Maintain Rosacea Remission. First Some History …

3. Placebos Get Better Over Time: The Weird World of Placebos

More from the weird and wonderful world of clinical trials and the mysterious Placebo Effect. We know that somehow even dummy pills can kick-start the body’s recovery engine. This latest article from WIRED tells us that drug …

4. Diet and Acne: What the Latest Research Says

September 16th, 2011, by David Pascoe | acne treatments, diet | Edit

Over at the Acne Blog, Daniel Kern has posted a few high level posts relating to recent readings he has undertaken on the topic of diet and acne. Daniel …

5. Oracea set to generate $260m in 2011

An interesting note from the detailed interim judgement in the ongoing patent dispute between Galderma and Mylan. As part of the proceedings Mylan looked at the on-going Oracea sales and projected that Galderma can expect to receive around $260 million in 2011. MYLAN PHARMACEUTICALS INC., v.  GALDERMA LABORATORIES, L.P.; et. al. …


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