Rosacea News July 2011

1. Visualising Evidence for Oral Supplements: Snake Oil All Round

Below is a wonderfully rich graphic that tries to help visualise the available evidence for the efficacy of dozens of oral supplements. The aim of the creators is to visualise tangible health benefits when taken orally by an adult with a healthy diet. Only human, randomised placebo-controlled trials were used to create this graphic. Information is Beautiful: Snake Oil? …

2. Gallo to trial Aminocaproic Acid as Cathelicidin Inhibitor

Just posted are some details of a new trial rising out of the work of Dr. Richard Gallo’s group at the University of California, San Diego. Gallo is well known for his work on the relationship between antimicrobial peptides such as cathelicidin, and rosacea. The trial will compare topical 25% aminocaproic acid (ACA) mixed with Vanicream vs Vanicream on its own. The …

3. Allergan buying Vicept Therapeutics to get V-101 / Oxymetazoline

News today that Allergan are buying the privately held pharmaceutical company Vicept Therapuetics. The aim of many small startup companies is to be acquired by a larger company, Vicept telling us that “We believe Allergan …

4. Rosacea Cure eBooks: All Just SPAM?

There is a seedy dark side to the internet. OK you knew that already, but perhaps there are forces at play on the internet that are more subtle than you realise. Lets turn our focus toward the emergence of the “Rosacea Cure eBook” Phenomenon. Over the last few years there are more and more web sites that exist to solely sell you …

5. Metrogel, Finacea and Oracea are Best for Rosacea

A systematic review of the available rosacea research confirms that Metrogel, Finacea and Oracea are effective for moderate to severe rosacea. One study further found cyclosporine 0.05% ophthalmic emulsion effective for ocular rosacea. This review looked at the published results of 58 trials to note bias and construct a high level summary of the results. No Surprises Here It will come as …

6. Cosmetics and Makeup work fine applied after Metrogel

This research comes up with the finding that using a foundation after applying Metrogel 1% won’t worsen rosacea symptoms. Most of the participants in the trial were happy with the appearance of foundation, when used in combination with Metrogel.

The authors tell us that there is little research into whether makeup both makes rosacea worse or whether those who suffer from rosacea can also successfully use makeup like foundation.


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