Rosacea News August 2011

1. Melanin also Protects You from Radiation !

Startling news today from the Clinuvel Blog: Melanin also has the ability to protect from radioactive emissions like X-rays and Gamma-rays. How interesting that the chemical that …

2. Mylan Violates The Chang Patent for Oracea

Another step in the ongoing battle between Galderma and Mylan over the right to manufacture generic Oracea. A judge has declared that Mylan infringes 1 of the patents that protects Oracea from generic copies. Some History …

3. How Much Sunscreen Should I Use?

Another fabulous data visualisation from Information is Beautiful. This time David McCandless tackles the thorny issue of How Much Suncreen Should I Wear ? The Sunscreen Smokescreen July 11, 2011 It started with a question. It always does. This time, the question was simple: How much sunscreen should I wear? I’m …

4. NRS Funds New Rosacea Studies for 2011

In the Summer 2011 Rosacea Review, The National Rosacea Society announced that they are funding 3 studies in new areas of rosacea research. This is great news; not only is the NRS continuing to fund 5 existing studies, it is funding …

5. NRS Continues Leading Edge Research Funding

The National Rosacea Society recently announced that they will be continuing to fund 5 existing rosacea research streams. Confirming their faith in the on-going NRS sponsored research, the NRS has announced additional funding to the following researchers. 1. Dr. …

6. Lupin and Medicis Agree Over Generic Solodyn

In contrast to the ongoing disputes over generic Oracea, the makers of the low-dose minocycline Solodyn, Medicis have entered into a joint development and sales agreement with Lupin Pharmaceuticals.

Solodyn is a form of Minocycline, a member of the tetracycline famaily, available in 8 strengths, prescribed based primarily on your weight.

7. Low Dose Accutane from St Thomas’ Hospital in London: Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has another of its semi-regular stories on Rosacea today. This time the article highlights the use of low dose accutane to treat hyper keratinisation, slow down sebum production, and also serve as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent.


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