Rosacea News April 2011

Rosacea News April 2011

1. LA Clinic looking for Oracea Biomarkers Study Participants

The Vitligo and Pigmentation Institute of Southern California is hosting part of the trial to evaluate Rosacea-related Inflammatory Biochemical Markers in Adult Skin When Treated With Oracea  vs Placebo. This trial is looking to prove changes in inflammatory markers like the peptide LL-37 and the MMP family match the improvement seen when taking Oracea. The trial is scheduled to involve 170 participants at …

2. Why, Oh Why Did I Get Rosacea ?

I hear you.

My skin was great. I have had beautiful skin all my life, but now wham! rosacea has reared its ugly head.

Well the NRS Blog has an answer to this plea. It is all about your risk profile. If you are over 30 with fair skin, have a relative with rosacea and are of Northern European Ancestry then the statistics suggest that you are …

3. Galderma Big Profits Great for Texas

An interesting article from the Business section of the Star-Telegram about the local presence of Galderma in Fort Worth, Texas. Galderma is one of the key companies for rosacea sufferers to follow given their products such as Cetaphil, Metrogel, Oracea and the in-development Sansrosa. Swiss skin-care company thrives even during hard times, executive notes at …

4. Vicept Oxymetazoline V-101 Cream More Phase II Data, on to Phase III

A Press Release today (Vicept are happy to generate publicity at every step of their development) touting more Phase II Study results for their Oxymetazoline based V-101 product. V-101 is a topical slated to treat the redness of …

5. The BEST Treatment for Rosacea

Once you have been diagnosed with rosacea, everyone naturally wants to know What is the best treatment for rosacea? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a simple answer to this question that satisfied everyone who has rosacea! Hopefully it doesn’t come as a surprise to find out that there is no known panacea for rosacea. This high level paper …

6. Generic Oracea Legal Trial now in July 2011

I have been watching for a while to see for any developments in the legal proceedings between Mylan and Galderma. These proceedings will determine whether Mylan is allowed to sell Generic Oracea. This is of interest to many rosacea sufferers who consider that Oracea is too …

7. Medicis and Anacor to Develop Boron Treatments for Acne

Even though this press release relates to Acne, it is still interesting to see companies searching for the next killer acne treatment. Whilst only some acne treatments are successful as rosacea treatments, we can still …

8. Green Jelly Beans Linked to Acne!

OK so now I have gotten your attention. Have read of this comic. Lets talk after you finish reading it. xkcd: Significant …

9. Nailfold Capillaroscopy: If only Rosacea was that Easy to Diagnose

I thought this abstract was interesting because of its failure. The authors proposed that a passive diagnostic test known as Nailfold Cappillaroscopy could be used to test for rosacea.


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