Rosacea News November 2010

1. Finacea and the Cause of Rosacea

Following on from a study that was able to show the reason that Finacea was able to adjust the inflammatory response in the skin, is this JAAD Poster session abstract.  This paper is looking at how the active ingredient in Finacea, azelaic acid can decrease the expression of 2 substances thought to be important in rosacea – kallikrein 5 (KLK5) and cathelicidin. The …

2. Oracea Phase IV Results (ORCA) show users are happy

Promoted as the biggest rosacea study ever undertaken, Galderma has released results from the Phase IV study into Oracea. This study was called ORCA. We learn from the Galderma Press Release that ORCA stands for Oracea for Rosacea: A Community-Based Assessment. We also learn how to correctly pronounce Oracea, should that interest you. Phase IV trials typically try to replicate the success and safety

3. The one thing I wish I was told about treating Rosacea

Do you have something that you just wish you were told when you were first diagnosed with rosacea? What little pearl of wisdom would have made the biggest difference to know straight up?

Often when someone is diagnosed with rosacea, their first trip to the internet is a scary one. Those pictures of the worst cases of severe rosacea are enough to depress anyone.

4. Elorac promoting Carbamide Peroxide as a Rosacea Treatment

A recent press release from a company called Elorac, is highlighting Phase II trials for treating Acne with Carbamide Peroxide. Elorac are promoting Carbamide Peroxide as an improved, next-generation version …

5. High Glycemic Diet Exacerbates Acne

This may come as no surprise to many, but there continues to be a strong link between diets that place a high glycemic load on the body and acne. Diet and acne, Bowe WP, Joshi SS, Shalita AR. J Am Acad Dermatol. 2010 Jul;63(1):124-41. Historically, the relationship between diet and acne has been highly controversial. Before the …

6. DERMAdoctor Photodynamic Therapy – topical Red Light Therapy?

Thanks to a comment from Aimee, there is a new product available from DERMAdoctor that looks both innovative and potentially beneficial for rosacea sufferers.

The makers claim that DERMAdoctor Photodynamic Therapy enables users to “experience continuous exposure to anti-aging red light through the mere application of a lotion” and call it a “ground-breaking, patent-pending solar powered technology in lotion form captures UV light transforming it into visible red light, a proven energy source for eliciting anti-aging effects on the skin”.


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