Rosacea News September 2010

1. New Rosacea Treatments – get them while they’re hot

Every rosacea sufferer who is unsatisfied with the current offering of treatments looks to see what might be available soon. The thought that something new and improved is just around the corner is a source of encouragement for sufferers …

2. Cutanea Life Sciences files IPO to fund Omiganan development

News today that yet another company is accessing funding to pursue research and development for a new treatment targeting the papules and pustules of rosacea. We learnt in 2006 that Cutanea were trialing Omiganan for rosacea. The treatment is known as a topical cationic peptide. This treatment has anti-inflammatory properties that were promising for acne. Now the developers are …

3. Does the internet help us become hypochondriacs?

A really interesting and honest article where the writer tells us how she has always been very anxious about her health, worrying about many incidences that turned out to be fine. One great fear was leaving her children without a mother. Self diagnosing from the internet certainly didn’t help her anxiety, it would seem. Having the resource of the internet  for health issues is …

4. Our love-hate relationship with the Sun

If you are like me, that is like most rosacea sufferers, you wonder where is the middle ground with our relationship to the sun. It seems that each month a new tiny bit of research shows that Vitamin …

5. Los Angeles: facial redness trialists wanted

I have been contacted by Impact Clinical Trials in Los Angeles who are looking for rosacea patients to participate in the ongoing trials for a `new topical gel’ for the erythema associated with rosacea. We are currently conducting a study for a new topical gel being developed as a possible future treatment of erythema associated with rosacea. We are looking for …

6. The NRS wants your blood !!

The National Rosacea Society is calling for people to be materially involved with a study they have funded that is looking into the possible genetic link with the neurovascular system of rosacea sufferers. It would be a great discovery if a gene responsible for facial flushing and burning could indeed be isolated. Help New Genetics Study …

7. Oxymetazoline: what about rebound redness ?

One of the up and coming treatments for the redness of rosacea is the use of oxymetazoline based formulations. Oxymetazoline is the active ingredient in decongestant products like Afrin, Sudafed OM and Vicks Sinex as well as …

8. New Jersey: Want to participate in an Anti-Redness trial?

The recruiting manager from Frontage Clinical is looking for participants in the trial they are hosting for rosacea redness. Frontage Clinical in Hackensack, NJ is conducting a research study to evaluate the safety of an investigational topical gel medication for moderate to severe facial redness associated with ROSACEA. All qualified participants will receive at no cost …


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