Standard Rosacea Treatment Options

Lets do some quick revision. In 2002, the National Rosacea Society Expert Committee reported on a standard classification system that identified primary and secondary features of rosacea and described 4 common patterns of signs and symptoms designated as subtypes. In 2004, the committee published a standard grading system for assessing the relative severity of rosacea to enhance the utility of the classification system for researchers and clinicians.

The standard management options were developed by a consensus committee and review panel of 26 experts to assist in providing optimal patient care based on the standard classification and grading systems for rosacea that were developed to perform research; analyze results and compare data from different sources; and provide a common terminology and reference for the diagnosis, treatment, and assessment of results in clinical practice. We discuss standard management options for rosacea in 2 parts: (1) overview and broad spectrum of care, and (2) options according to subtype. The options are considered provisional and may be expanded and updated as appropriate. Managing the various potential signs and symptoms of rosacea calls for consideration of a broad spectrum of care, and a more precise selection of therapeutic options may become increasingly possible as the mechanism of action of therapies are more definitively established.

Now, see the rosacea experts thoughts on Standard Management Options 1: overview and broad spectrum of care and the Standard Management Options 2: according to subtype and while you are at it – Book Review: Rosacea Diagnosis and Management .


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