Rosacea News October 2009

Rosacea News October 2009

1. Oracea wins award for cute marketing

I can’t say that I know how much industry weight is carried by the publication Medical Marketing & Media, but they have awarded Galderma the Gold Award for `Best Individual Product Advertisement in Consumer Press’ for their …

2. Cetaphil adds UVA/UVB Defense SPF 50

Galderma announced in February a new SPF 50 Facial Sunscreen called Cetaphil UVA/UVB Defense SPF 50. Actually Galderma is not promoting this product as a sunscreen, but as a facial moisturizer. Said to be non-greasy and ..

3. Claim your Rosacea Community Blog Now !

Always wanted to have a blog or little corner of the internet you could call your own ? Well now you can. Every registered member of the Rosacea Support Community can have their very own blog area.

So please feel free to start your own Rosacea Community Blog.
Why would I want one of those ?
Your own blog will allow you post your thoughts, ideas, ..

4. IPL good for dry eyes too

WSOC-TV Charlotte, Carolina is syndicating a story about using IPL to successfully treat dry eye. Dr. Coad details how he is using IPL to treat this eye condition that is sometimes also found in ocular rosacea sufferers. Dr. Mannis in his interview for the RSRP had this to say about IPL and ocular rosacea. Q: Do you think ..

5. Topical Oxygen being trialled for sun damaged skin

A trial seeking participants interested in being treated with topically disolved oxygen (TDO) has been posted to Aria Aesthetics is listed as supplying the `Aria Regimens’ in 0.5%, and 0.25%. As the trial is double blind and placebo controlled, a third group will receive no TDO during their treatments. Zoe Draelos MD is listed as a contact for the trial. Dr. Draelos ..

6. Clarisonic now available in the UK

The Daily Mail has published an article reviewing the Clarisonic in their Femail Beauty section. This article is no doubt motivated by the Clarisonic recently being launched in the UK (available exclusively via Space NK). The `oversized electric toothbrush’ is ..

7. Sansrosa starts strength tests, approaches final hurdle

In an encouraging sign that Sansrosa is slowly but surely progressing towards FDA approval, the register lists Galderma recruiting for a dose-finding trial for a product code named CD07805/47. The aim of this trial is show which strength is the most suitable for general use. Trial participants will be using one of 4 different strengths: 0.07%, 0.18%, %0.50 or effectively %0 contained ..

8. NRS research results explained

The NRS has just posted an easy-to-read summary of recent NRS funded research results. The update mentions the `Gallo Research’ and describes it ; “Dr. Richard Gallo at the University of California-San Diego found a consistently aberrant innate immune response in individuals with rosacea to environmental and emotional triggers.” Spin-off research related to type I interferon, plasmacytoid dendritic cells and enzyme involvement ..

9. Tetracyclines and Rosacea: what we already knew

Reading this just published abstract highlights for me just how slowly indeed research moves along. These recently proposed methods of action of tetracyclines seem to embody far from ground breaking research. We learnt in 2007 that tetracyclines have anti-inflammatory actions:  “Tetracyclines are known to exhibit multiple significant anti-inflammatory actions … the mechanisms of this anti-inflammatory activity, such as inhibition of chemotaxis, granuloma formation.


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