Rosacea News August/September 2009

Rosacea News August 2009

1. water soluble sunscreen anyone ?

An interesting looking patent application proposing a water based sunscreen for rosacea sufferers has surfaced at the USPTO. Many rosacea sufferers will know the trauma of finding a sunscreen that is gentle enough to not cause a bad reaction and effective enough to protect from the harm of the sun. For me the sun has always been my worst trigger. Certainly physical sunscreens …

2. so does acupuncture work, or not ?

For me acupuncture has always been part of some kind of ancient mythology. Humans are controlled by a brain that has complex neurological pathways to all corners of their bodies. Can inserting fine needles in to the so-called meridians along energy …

3. Epsom salts or Milk of Magnesia actually works ?

A few newspapers have picked up this Question & Answer article where rosacea sufferers are encouraged to try Epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) or Milk of Magnesia on their skin.

One can imagine that a bath with Epsom salts would be relaxing, but …

4. Sebclair launches as Promiseb Cream

I was alerted to the launch of a product called Promiseb by a comment left on the Sebclair for Seborrheic Dermatitis post. Since then the news web sites are also covering the press release. Promiseb (probably pronounced Promi-seb) is launching in the U.S. via Promius Pharma, after being licensed from Sinclair Pharma in 2007….

Rosacea News September 2009

1. Oracea worth $104m a year, good news for Sansrosa

According to a press release via Reuters, sales of Oracea were approximately $104 million for the twelve-month period ending July 2009. This figure is up almost 200% from the previously reported sales of $52.5 million in …

2. Impax Laboratories joins the generic Oracea battle

September 21st, 2009, by Digital Davo | oracea, patents | Edit

In a further confirmation that the low dose doxycycline market is a becoming a fighting ground, a recent press release states that Impax Laboratories has filed “Abbreviated New Drug Application ("ANDA") containing a paragraph IV certification for a generic version of ORACEA with the U.S. Food & Drug Administration ("FDA").” This is a challenge to the patents held by Galderma, relating …

3. PSF reduces the pain of Pulsed Dye Laser

This just published abstract from Lasers in Medical Science, shows that the extreme pain associated with pulsed dye laser, when used to treat port wine stains, can be relieved by using Pneumatic Skin Flattening (PSF). Pneumatic Skin Flattening uses a vacuum to compress the skin underneath the area being treated. Blood is eliminated from the treatment area. The technique is said …

4. FDA gets tough with Aczone

The FDA has issued a warning letter to Allergan, the makers of Aczone for overstating the efficacy of Aczone and also for understating the possible side effects. In a sign that the FDA is watching carefully the claims that vendors use when advertising their products, the warning letter calls out a journal advertisement for Aczone as violating the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. …


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