Rosacea News May 2009

Rosacea News May 2009

1. Dermatology Times highlights Afrin and Sansrosa

The Dermatology Times is running an article highlighting the novel and unlikely rosacea treatments based on a nasal decongestant and a glaucoma treatment. They of course are referring to Oxymetazoline and Brimonidine. The article mentions the positive results from the “most recent research” on Brimonidine ; In the most recent research, a double-blind study for Galderma, a 1 g application …

2. Ocular rosacea: oligosaccharide based treatments

An interesting looking patent that was filed in 2006 has come up as reaching filed status. This patent covers the relationship between an oligosaccharide specific to an inflammatory disease, more specifically ocular rosacea. The discovery may lead to both a definitive diagnostic test and new treatments for ocular rosacea. One of inventors of this patent is well known to rosacea sufferers. Dr. Mark Mannis …

3. Oracea too expensive ?

Some interesting comments from KUNC commentator Dr. Marc Ringel via a NPR segment. He raises two points that are worth discussing. Firstly is Oracea really any better than generic doxycycline and secondly what does it say about the pharmaceutical industry (and insurance companies – ed) that a repackaged old product  can be so expensive ? Galderma would say that Oracea is sub-antimicrobial …

4. would you like an electric current with your topical ?

A couple of recently awarded patents look both interesting and slightly scary for potential rosacea treatments. These patents cover some kind of device that is stuck to the skin. A small electric charge is used to help an active chemical cross the skin barrier. Some kind of carrier (an electrolyte) allows Zinc ions to flow between the electrodes, across the skin, creating a small charge. …

5. LED post laser helps recover from redness

A recent abstract from Dermatologic Surgery suggests that treatment with 590nm LED therapy following fractional laser skin resurfacing helps patients more quickly recover from the post treatment erythema. Whilst skin resurfacing with a laser is considered dangerous for rosacea sufferers, the fact that LED therapy help speed up recovery is good news for LED and low level light therapy in general. The study showed that …

6. novel tetracycline from Warner Chilcott and Paratek

Some very preliminary internet crumbs about a new possible rosacea treatment under development. The treatment under development is listed as a “novel tetracycline”. Warner Chilcott Limited calls itself a “specialty pharmaceutical company, that engages in the development, manufacture, marketing, and sale of branded prescription pharmaceutical products in women’s healthcare and dermatology segments primarily in the United States”. In the WCRX 2007 Annual …

7. Botox for neural symptoms and flushing, user reviews

Some interesting discussions from both experts and users of botox treatments for rosacea have are emerging online and are worth reviewing. A quick search on Google shows that several clinics are now offering botox as part of their rosacea treatments. Better known for it’s cosmetic use, the highly toxic protein known …

8. Glyco Mira developing anti-cathelicidin treatment ?

A brief paragraph in a recent article in The Salt Lake Tribune looks quite interesting. A company called Glyco Mira (seemingly a company without a web site) is developing a drug that “may be able to cure the underlying problem that causes rosacea”. A pretty tall prediction for sure. So what are they talking about ? Glyco Mira have licensed and anti-inflammatory drug from the …


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