Rosacea News January 2009

1. Top 5 ways to save money treating rosacea

Distressed with the expense of exotic rosacea treatments ? The stress of rosacea is enough without also having to worry about how to afford treatments. Finding affordable rosacea treatments is a real challenge. Here are my top 5 suggestions for …

2. afamelanotide positive Phase III results for erythropoietic protoporphyria

Clinuvel has  announced positive interim Phase III results from the first of the trialists to complete a 12 month study in Switzerland. The 14 patients in Switzerland will form part of 101 to undergo long term study around the world. Further participants and …

3. do naturopathic treatments work for rosacea ?

What are the best known naturopathic treatments for rosacea, and how well have they been shown to work ? Naturopathy is a medical philosophy that tries to improve our health by helping the body’s own ability to recover from illness …

4. Medicis readies to trial Ziana for rosacea

Just posted on the database is an entry “Safety and Efficacy Study of Clindamycin Phosphate 1.2% and Tretinoin 0.025% Gel to Treat Rosacea”. This topical product, known as Ziana, is currently approved for the treatment of acne.

5. Sansrosa has neuro protective properties

We know from patent filings that the active ingredient in the in-development sansrosa product is brimonidine tartrate. This is also the active ingredient in Alphagan P, a treatment for glaucoma.

Alphagan P 0.1%, is known as an alpha2-adrenergic receptor agonist, and is used to lower intraocular pressure and reduce ocular hypertension. Around 10-20% of users of Alphagan P experience adverse side …

6. Vote for your most wanted Linda Sy product

Good news for those wanting to be able to purchase Linda Sy products again. There is some possibility that a selection of her rosacea products will be sold through another online skin care provider.

7. Rosacea Support: 2008 the year that was

Time for some end of year statistics – for those who like that sort of thing.

Before we kick off just a note. The most important thing is that thousands of people have found useful information about rosacea. May this continue to be the case into 2009.


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