Rosacea Support: 2008 the year that was

Rosacea Support Blog

Time for some end of year statistics – for those who like that sort of thing.

Before we kick off just a note. The most important thing is that thousands of people have found useful information about rosacea. May this continue to be the case into 2009.

Unique Visitors to 489,098

Page Views on 1,682,675

Blog Posts and Pages: 375

Comments left on Blog: 1012

Top 5 Blog Pages:

  1. Photos of Red Nose, Papules, Pustules, acne like rosacea
  2. how to cure a red face (facial erythema or redness)
  3. demodex mites treatment
  4. Eucerin Redness Relief: product reviews
  5. Clinique Redness Solutions: user reviews

Most Commented Posts:

  1. is closing down  (62)
  2. how to cure a red face (facial erythema or redness)    (52)
  3. Periostat (doxycycline) goes generic, get ready for Oracea   (49)
  4. focus on metronidazole (metrogel)    (47)
  5. Australia (46)

Rosacea Support Resource Pages

Unique Visitors to Rosacea Support Resource Pages: 41,921

Page Views on Rosacea Support Resource Pages: 95,585

Rosacea Support Email Group

Emails posted to 3842

Rosacea Support Community Forum

Messages posted to Rosacea Support Community: 5,015

I wish everyone a great 2009. May this year be one that you look back on with fondness and with satisfaction at moving forward in your life.

warmest regards,

David Pascoe.


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