Rosacea News July 2008

1. Afamelanotide (Clinuvel CUV1647) gets orphan drug status in the US

Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals has announced that they have been granted orphan-drug status by the FDA to treat the skin condition erythropoietic porphyrias. Orphan drug status is granted to new drugs that treat rare conditions and is used as an instrument to obtain accelerated review by the FDA. The FDA allows tax reductions and market exclusivity for orphan drugs to encourage otherwise un-profitable drugs targeting rare …

2. EC approves Oracea for sale in Europe

The news sites are buzzing with the announcement that the European Commision has granted marketing authority for Oracea. The first domestic approvals for Oracea will be granted in Germany, UK, Italy, Austria, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. MediGene has the rights to sell Oracea throughout Europe. Local approvals are expected within 30 days. This news follows on from the announcement …

3. rosacea allergic reaction to Vitamin K & Vitamin E

This paper raises and interesting topic. The researchers were able to prove that 3 rosacea sufferers were allergic to alpha-tocopherol (Vitamin E) and Vitamin K. By eliminating the components of the creams they were using, they were able to isolate the individual components that were causing the allergy. Rosacea sufferers can become attuned to the ingredient listing in cosmetics, scouring the list to find something …

4. AARS publish their rosacea treatment guidelines

The American Acne & Rosacea Society have published a PDF containing their Rosacea Medical Management Guidelines. The aim of the guidelines is  “to provide an overview of the fundamental disease state of rosacea and quality of life implications and outline available pharmacological …

5. rosacea sufferers have more anxiety and depression

In the past there hasn’t been a lot of research into the relationship between rosacea and mental health. Many rosacea sufferers know that there is a strong relationship between their symptoms and how they feel about themselves. This abstract mentions some research comparing rosacea sufferers with people without any facial lesions. They found that the rosacea sufferers had several psychological problems not found …

6. demodex bacteria, one baby step at a time

Some recent NRS supported research has made more steps towards showing a possible link between demodex mites and rosacea symptoms. Although this Br J Dermatol paper was mentioned by Rosacea News in (see demodex mite bacteria causes the inflammation ?) June last year, I just got hold of the full text this week.


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