Rosacea News June 2008

Rosacea News June 2008

1. rosacea sufferers less interested in alternative medicine

According to this recently published short correspondence, rosacea sufferers are much less likely to use complementary and alternative medicine compared to sufferers of psoriasis and other dermatological conditions. Whilst the reason is not clear, it appears one reason could be that sufferers are happy with the efficacy of their current treatment. The majority of patients felt that the complementary and alternative therapies were less helpful …

2. sensitive skin on your hands, feet and scalp too ?

The common wisdom about rosacea is that is only occurs around the flush zones on your face. A recent paper challenged this idea with a case study of a patient who had rosacea lesions on his arm, and upper chest area. Another related recent short paper titled Sensitive skin is not limited to the face, that has the conclusion that sensitive skin is …

3. NRS wants your feedback on Research !

The NRS Blog has a new entry today where they are asking for your feedback on the direction of future rosacea research. The NRS have put their Reader Survey (part of their Rosacea Review publication) online for the first time.

4. Allergan buys Aczone, has plans for rosacea targeting ?

OK this story is getting so much coverage in the online press that I thought I should cover it here too. Allergan is buying the topical dapsone product called Aczone for $150m. From: Allergan Announces Agreement to Acquire Aczone(R) Gel 5% …

5. Sansrosa gel vs. eyes drops absorption trial details posted

The Clinical Trial register is showing details for the bio-availabilty trial for COL-118/Sansrosa. This Phase 2 trial aims to compare the amount of the active ingredient that is bio-available when the newly formulated gel is used on rosacea skin, and when used as eye drops.

This announcement appears to be the extra trial asked for by the FDA who are concerned that …


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