Rosacea News March 2008

1. Pyratine-6 Now Available from physicians

The Anti-Aging product Pyratine-6 is now available to buy from some physicians. Pyratine-6 is a new product that is a derivative of Kinetin. Their new web site has launched at You can find a stockist on their web site.

2. angiogenesis: lymphatic and mast cell involvement

The pathogenesis (how a disease progresses from mild to severe forms) of rosacea is a complicated and poorly understood process. Likewise the growth of new blood vessels, thought to be important in the development of rosacea, is also a complicated and mysterious process. The NRS has updated their blog with an Update on Angiogenesis.

3. Sansrosa Phase 3 Delayed until END of 2008

According to the just published earnings call, Collagenex have been asked to undertake a additional Phase 2 study before commencing Phase 3. These additional studies will take several months, delaying the start of Phase 3. Collagenex are still hopeful of commencing Phase 3 studies some time before the end of 2008. These additional studies are to confirm that the diseased rosacea skin does not allow …

4. Prosacea User Reviews

Prosacea is a topical gel, available over the counter at stores like Walgreens. Prosacea is only briefly mentioned in the online support groups. Below is a hopefully balanced selection of user comments from rosacea sufferers who have tried Prosacea.

5. moderate exercise may help your rosacea

Some rosacea sufferers report good results if they exercise moderately but regularly. It is well known that regular exercise is good for stress relief and of course your general well being. But what about improving your skin ? Is that possible ? This paper is suggesting that exercise can reduce the amount of cytokines generated as part of the inflammatory response that is believed to …

6. The Warm Room Flush: what you wished you always knew

You may have noticed that your face flushes when you enter a warm room, but have you ever thought about how that process actually works ? Well, a nicely written article just released on the web goes into detail about how your body responds when you go from a cold room to a warm room. Colin Dahl, rosacea sufferer himself, from Australian Sciences has created this article to help rosacea sufferers understand the thermoregulatory roots of facial flushing in a simple, easy to read manner. The following couple of paragraphs from Chapter 1 give an accurate description of the contents of the booklet.


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