Rosacea News September 2007

1. how metrogel works II – free oxygen radicals

Another recently published paper that seeks to understand the role of Reactive Oxygen Species in the development of rosacea. The inflammatory pathway that leads to rosacea symptoms is slowing gaining more and more attention. All rosacea sufferers should do themselves a favor and do some reading on the role of inflammation in rosacea.

2. Melanocorp gets warning from FDA for melanotan II

Looks like the FDA has finally caught up with Melanocorp for selling Melanotan II over the internet. Their web site currently down. “FDA Issues Warning Letter to Melanocorp, Inc. For Illegal Sale of Melanotan II Melanocorp, Inc. advertises the product Melanotan II on its Web site as an injectable tanning product, with additional claims that it is effective in protecting against skin cancer and rosacea.”

3. an interview with Ann-Marie Lindstrom, The Rosacea Handbook

Here is the first in what I hope will be a series of interviews with a few rosacea writers that are mostly unknown to the online rosacea community.

Thanks to Ann-Marie Lindstrom for agreeing to answer some questions from Rosacea News.

4. maximum effective dose of doxycycline is 40mg a day

There has been a lot of copy written about so-called low dose or anti-inflammatory dose doxycycline. This form of antibiotic therapy is one of the more promising recent therapeutic developments ; it will likely become a widely known and available treatment.

5. Rosa Relief Face Cream offering free samples

Gary Hammerstrom from Bio-Application Technologies is offering a free sample of a new product his company has developed. His offer has been posted to the RSG as Free sample offer of a new product named Rosa Relief Face Cream.

6. Long Pulse Dye Laser and Nd:YAG (Cynergy Multiplex) used together

This just published paper is a case report of one 60 year-old patient who was unresponsive to the usual first line rosacea treatments. Additionally 2 treatments with Lumens One IPL were unable to offer clearance.

7. new rosacea support forum: how to post

The new Rosacea Support Forum is up and running. This forum is one the companion forum to the email based Rosacea Support Yahoo!Group.

The new forum is fast, friendly and fun !

8. an interview with Arlen Brownstein, Rosacea, Your Self-Help Guide

Thanks to Arlen Brownstein  for answering some questions from Rosacea News.

9. arnica montana for swelling and bruising

In a recent Rosacea News article the highlighted LPDL treatment regime used Arnica pre- and post- treatment to reduce the bruising and swelling associated with pulse dye laser.

10. an interview with Georgie Holbrook, Joy-Full Holistic Remedies

Thanks to Georgie Holbrook for answering some questions for Rosacea News

11. topical kinetin (kinerase) moisturizer for anti-aging

This article was first highlighted by Rosacea News in March 2006 as result of the 2006 Annual Meeting of the AAD, Poster Session in San Francisco. The paper was called Tolerability and efficacy of a moisturizing lotion containing 0.1% kinetin for improving the signs of acne rosacea in facial and neck skin

12. incyclinide fails for rosacea, acne still possible

Despite promising looking Phase 1 and initial Phase 2 dose finding studies, Incyclinide will no longer be developed as a treatment for rosacea.


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