WP: Fashion & Beauty Article: Seeing Red

It is not very often than an online newspaper or news site features a half decent article about rosacea. This article from the Fashion & Beauty section of the Washington Post is reasonable for a mass audience paper. Rosacea is still a mystery to the population at large, so it is encouraging to see this sort of article.



Many of my patients call to make appointments because a spot on their skin has changed color or because they can’t wait to get rid of their brown spots or white bumps. But the color they call most about is red, and it is usually because they’ve developed a red rash on their body or face.

For many of these patients, the issue is rosacea — a common condition associated with pimples and redness on the face. Rosacea usually occurs in adults well after any acne has subsided, but it can cause at least as much embarrassment and frustration as acne does for teenagers. Part of the problem for many people is the mistaken stereotype that associates red noses with alcohol consumption. Although alcohol sometimes leads to flushing of the face, it is not the main cause of rosacea, and facial redness does not necessarily indicate an alcohol problem. Redness on the face is also difficult to camouflage, even with make-up.

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The article goes on to mention the usual metronidazole & antibiotics, but also V-Beam and IPL.

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