Rosacea News April 2007

1. Chlamydia pneumoniae (Cpn) and azithromycin
PAPER: The role of Chlamydia pneumoniae in the etiology of acne rosacea: response to the use of oral azithromycin.

As a followup to the recent note pathogen infection (Chlamydia pneumoniae) cause theory, comes a recently published paper, the first to address Cpn and Rosacea. This paper is very preliminary, but at least now Cpn is on the map.

2. Pyratine 6 (vs. Kinetin) reduces redness and acne lesions

WEB Site: The internet Press Release sites are full of an announcemet from Senetek about a product called Pyratine 6 and its possible use in treating rosacea. The announcement is based on a comparison of Pyratine 6 with another of Senetek’s products – Kinetin.

3. IPL excellent for treating red face and broken blood vessels

This 2007 paper confirms another study which was published in the same journal in 2003.

PAPER: Objective Evaluation of the Effect of Intense Pulsed Light on Rosacea and Solar Lentigines by Spectrophotometric Analysis of Skin Color.

4. anti-flammatory actions of tetracyclines

This article, just published is adding to body of research of the anti-inflammatory actions of the tetracycline family.

PAPER: Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Tetracyclines

5. oxytetracycline (Terramycin) joins low dose antibiotics

This paper (sadly only available in Polish) highlights the fact that one more tetracycline – oxytetracycline is joining the ranks of proven low dose antibiotics. A normal dose of oxytetracycline is 250-500mg four times a day.

PAPER: Oxytetracycline–mechanism of action and application in skin diseases

6. cutanix goes offline, gets letter from FDA

A few people have noticed that Cutanix seems to have vanished off the face of the internet. Their web sites at, are offline, and their corporate web site at no longer even mentions Cutanix.

7. flavay anthogenol hydrates and reduces skin stress

I thought this product sounded interesting, especially as it is professionally promoted, readily available, but little is known about how well it works for rosacea stressed skin. Anything that has been proven to reduce oxidative stress and help hydration could also help in rosacea.


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