Pyratine 6 (vs. Kinetin) reduces redness and acne lesions

The internet Press Release sites are full of an announcemet from Senetek about a product called Pyratine 6 and its possible use in treating rosacea. The announcement is based on a comparison of Pyratine 6 with another of Senetek’s products – Kinetin.

According to their results, Pyratine 6 (or PRK 124) shows higher scores, compared to Kinetin in the areas of fine wrinkles, skin roughness and and overall skin aging. Additional tests of Pyratine 6 (although not stated, I assume against placebo, but this is not a given) showed increases in skin moisture, reductions in skin redness, and after 12 weeks, reductions in acne lesions.

Kinetin was originally created as an anti-aging product. Senetek say that Pyratine 6 is their `second-generation patented cytokinin’.

Senetek will now commercialise this new product as an anti-aging product and conduct more studies into its usability in rosacea. The press release mentions a `a major cosmetic company’ who licenses Kinetin, who will also commision their own `clinical trials of Pyratine 6 for Acne Rosacea and for skin whitening’.

I can imagine that to cosmetic companies the market for rosacea treatments and also to treat aging, look like 2 big piles of cash. We should keep an eye on these clinical trials to see how Pyratine 6 performs on rosacea sufferers.

Those who suffer from rosacea ought to consider a daily sunscreen and limit their sun exposure, both to remove a common rosacea trigger and also to reduce the aging affects of the sun. This is something we can all do today, without having to wait for products such as those featured in this press release.

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